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Donate flowers to make garlands for deities and special guests, and in return receive a digital darshan of the deities wearing your garland!

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Donate towards petrol and parking as we drive our mobile, pop-up temple to every town and village! (in east Kent)

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Sponsor much-needed sundries such as flyers and posters, disposable (and compostable!) plates and spoons, decorations for our mobile altar, travel expenses for VIP guests and more!




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Hare Krishna! Our names are Hema and Mantra.

In 2016 we got married, upped sticks and moved to a town where there was no devotee presence. We weren't sure what would happen, but we were hoping to meet people who might benefit from hearing about Krishna and Srila Prabhupada, two people who'd brought so much happiness into our lives.

Since then we have been running free bhakti yoga and mantra meditation workshops in and around east Kent under the name "Hare Krishna Canterbury". 

To date, we have facilitated

200+ free public events 
5 free cultural festivals
and over 100 free events for local university students!

What's more, in the process of doing this we have distributed around

7,400 free vegetarian meals 
and well over 10,000 spiritual books to the general public!

We've done countless Harinams too, and now run well-attended weekly programs in Canterbury, the nearby town of Margate and the local UKC campus. We've helped two Padayatra festivals to pass through the city (with a third coming this summer) and along the way we've developed strong relationships with Canterbury cathedral (home of the worldwide Anglican church) as well as joining the council of the local interfaith organisation and representing Canterbury at the national interfaith conference in Derby. 

In a small city (and the towns and villages surrounding it) this can make a huge impact - something which can be seen in the caring and committed spiritual families which have now sprung up in Canterbury, Margate and the University of Kent over the last few years as a direct result of our efforts.

But really, it's just a drop in the ocean, and there is so much more to do!

Everywhere we go, and every time we hit the streets, we meet people who are crying out for a positive alternative to the soul-crushing materialism which we now call everyday life. Every year thousands of new people move to our area, and we want to help them find the peace and happiness they deserve!

This means we need to open our arms as wide as possible to welcome people into Krishna's loving, spiritual family.

We recently acquired a trailer and are working with nearby devotees to build a cart in order to facilitate a number of much-needed Ratha Yatra festivals in the local area. We are working with Food For All UK (reg. charity #1077897) to facilitate the distribution of free hot meals both at the University of Kent and in Margate, and we are in the process of registering our own organisation with the UK Charity Commission in order to give volunteering opportunities to young people.

So far, everything you've read about has been done using our own initiative and hard-earned cash, and with no outside funding or financial aid. The spiritual friends & family we've met along the way do their bit too, but now we're at a crossroads and we can't do more without your help.

Put simply, the potential here is staggering. We have the energy, the facilities, the location and the desire to realise this potential, but we just don't have the resources.

If any of the tiers don't appeal to you, you can make a donation of your choosing by clicking on "Become a Patron" and selecting "Make a Custom Pledge" at the bottom of the page... whichever way you like, we really hope you'll join us on this crazy, beautiful adventure, and we look forward to being able to share it with you.
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When we hit 50 patrons we'll work with a professional filmmaker to create a high-quality short film honouring and documenting the contributions of all our patrons, and show the public at large what amazing things we've achieved together!

With the option of having your name in the credits it'll be a perfect keepsake to remind you of how amazing you are.
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