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Kismet Quest

A chance encounter with the world... 
Come on an adventure with me. 

~~~~~ subquest #1: The Basics ~~~~~

I will be venturing out to explore all of life that I can and I want to share it all. I will be photographing everything, sketching, painting, and so much more. I want to share the world I find around each corner. I want to show life, beauty, culture, balanced chaos, and how we all are part of one life.

My name is Jo and I have worked as a freelance artist since 2005. I have studied art as a profession for nearly two decades, during much of which I have also been at university, receiving multiple Bachelors of Fine Art degrees in Sequential Art (minor in Printmaking) and Performing Arts (with a minor in dance.) I am currently wrapping up my Masters of Fine Arts in Photography and have set my sights on an extended, post-graduate project.

Each month I will travel internationally, and possibly domestic, spending time to take photos, create live streams on location. When I come back to the states I will create paintings and illustrations among other art work. Every 3 to 4 months I spend time at various printmaking studios crafting printmaking series that will be developed into artful collections representing the travel quests.

~~~~~ Subquest #2: Perks ~~~~~

Perks of becoming a Patron and part of the adventure:

* Be a part of the adventure with me
* Help decide printmaking styles
* Early access to artwork, sketches, videos, and blog stories
* Unique photos and access for download and print
* Sneak peek photo sent directly to your Instagram or Facebook while I am traveling
* Instant photo taken and mailed while adventuring
* Google hangouts and tutorials of your choice
* Prints and original artwork

Patrons can look forward to:

Thank you tweets,
Instagram dedications,
Facebook shoutouts,
and many, many more demonstrations of my appreciation and affection.
Maybe even a silly video or two where you can decide what happens.

Because what kind of adventure would it be if friends aren’t along for the ride?

~~~~~ Subquest #3: You want to know more? Okay, Proceed ~~~~~~~

Throughout my freelance career, I have been involved with community service, charity organisations, performance groups, magazines, newspapers, online publications, and more. My photography, designs, and fine art have won awards on the local and regional level as well as my art selling both nationally and internationally.

In Summer 2015 I had the opportunity to study abroad in Lacoste, France, immersing myself in my photography, teaching, working and creating. The experience was overwhelmingly fulfilling personally and creatively. I knew even before I left France that creating and working in this way was my calling.

In the spirit of this and my soon-to-be-found freedom, I am taking a giant leap of faith. I am packing up my life and dedicating myself to traveling the world and creating artwork from the experiences I have over the next two years. Each month I will travel and record what I find - people, places, landscapes, culture, architecture - and share it all with you. No matter where I travel, locally, nationally or internationally, the goal remains the same: share the beauty of life.

The milestones set for this project are designed to help upgrade old equipment and order rare supplies. The higher we reach, the greater my ability to create through extended techniques in my own studio space. Eventually, this will lead to exhibitions of the printmaking pieces and fine art photographic prints, as well as bound collections, art books, and other unique works.

I want the world to experience this ongoing project with me - but I want to make sure they also know how you are a major part of the great adventures ahead!

~~~~~ Subquest #4: Quest Guide - join me! ~~~~~

Current calendar missions:

February 2017: Spain and Italy with Cristin - Atlanta Trip
March 2017: Hong Kong with Christy
April 2017: Bali with Freya
June 2017: Exploring America
July 2017: France with Jennifer, be in a wedding in the states, SDCC, Florida
August 2017: TBD - Atlanta Trip
September 2017: Germany with Cristin and DragonCon
November 2017: TBD - Atlanta Trip
December 2017: Hawaii with Rebecca

January 2018: France for Angouleme Comic Festival
March 2018: TBD
April 2018: Japan with Calvin
May 2018: TBD
July 2018: Paris with Cristin
August 2018: TBD
September 2018: Dragon Con
October 2018: TBD
December 2018: TBD

Reach out to me and let me know if you want to travel with me on any trip or give recommendations for the "TBD" months. 

18% complete
Upgraded Gallery Service

I would like to upgrade the service I use to display and deliver photos to my patrons. 

I've been making due with limited storage space, but now with these projects and content adding up I want to expand the deliverables section. 

All the artwork and all the downloads! :)

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts

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