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  • You will be credited in the final scenes of every Fireplace tale on my YouTube channel.

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My name is Joseph, I'm a 22 years old composer and producer from Italy, under the name Kisnou.
First of all, thank you for visiting my Patreon!

Why did I create this page?
  • The main reason is to support my 'Fireplace Project'.
    Since I and other 3 illustrators started it back in 2017, we received an enormous amount of positive feedbacks.

    If you don't know what it is, it consists of creating a sort of audiobook: one illustrator at a time creates an artwork, while I compose and produce the music, based on the art. 

    We create a story through music and art, hoping to make an animation one day..
  • So, my goal is to make a new Fireplace season, exploring new territories with more illustrators and fresh ideas.

    In order to do this, I have to face numerous expenses as I am the manager of my own works. There is no label that can found a project like this, only you can help. Here are the main expenses:
    - Pay each illustrator a fair amount to create a beautiful artwork.
    (prices usually range from 100$ to 500$ or more, per artwork)
    - Pay the song master, so to have the best results and quality possible out of my songs - I want this to be enjoyable on every device you are listening to. 
    (prices usually range from 50$ to 150$, per track)
    Pay violinists, singers or instrumentalists to feature real instruments in my compositions. You might have heard Vincent Di Francesco's beautiful viola sounds in my songs ('First Light', 'Muse'). This may not always happen, but it still adds up.
    (prices here depend on a number of factors)
    Pay to promote the final product. If you are not into the music business, you should know that whenever an artist produces a song, money is required in order to submit every single creation to promoters (YouTube channels, blogs and more). It is a process that I hate, but it is needed.
    (prices vary depending on the channel or blog; paying does not mean the song will be accepted and promoted, as it always depends on the promoter's taste) 

    These are the reasons why I had to put the project on hold and that's why I need your support! Being the only one behind this project, I had to handle all this and at the end of the month, it became too much.
    But we can do this together!

    Please have a listen on YouTube, watch the videos while listening to the songs.
    If you want, you can support the project by purchasing the album on Bandcamp or by donating here.
    What about CDs and physical editions?
  • Right now all your support will go to the Fireplace project, but once we reach the goal, I may use Patreon's money to make competitions (like we did for the Vesper Remix Competition in 2017), giveaways or offer you better rewards. When that happens, I may have to cover part of the Fireplace expenses on my own, but I don't mind as far as I can give you something special every now and then.

    In fact, printing CDs, cassettes or vinyls is very expensive for me due to the huge exporting fees from Italy, since I am italian and many of you are from all over the world (thank God, I'd say). Basically, to sell a vinyl I would have to set its price at 25$ minimum to balance the expenses (and I would just recoup what I spent, without any income. I don't mind about that, as long as you are happy with the product and can receive something cool).

    So physical products are possible, but I simply don't want you to pay that much.
    I am looking for a solution but it's quite hard to find one that is not enourmously expensive on my (and your) side.

    Will there be more rewards?
  • At the moment, It's hard to find anything else to add as reward. I am well aware that other musicians offer CDs, behind the scenes videos and so on, but I cannot offer the same at the moment. Keep in mind there's only me behind all this, I don't have managers, labels or other people that can help me at the moment (that would translate to many additional expenses). Plus, labels or managers can be tricky as they work on a long-term basis: you pay in advance hoping for some good results after months. 

    So, it's you and me. 

    If you have read the above pharagraphs, you know that exporting products from my country is quite expensive, but I really want to give you some physical editions and I will make sure to find an affordable way to do that.
    On the other hand, I am doing my best to give you what you are donating for in the first place: music. What's behind each track is months of work, money spent to hire instrumentalists, pay illustrators for album covers or designs, passion and effort to create music videos and eventually a quality product for you.
    That is why I don't release music every month or week, I prefer quality over quantity.

    Remember that your support, any amount you decide to donate, is making and will make this entire process less painful.
  • For anything else, you can contact me at [email protected]

    Thank you so much!

- September 2018: Merch is finally available, thanks for your support!
(new designs coming soon on DBH)
Do not feel forced to buy anything, your support is already too much for me.

- October 2018: I finally launched my official website. Thanks for the patience!

- August 2019: The first drafts of the next Fireplace tales are being created. We're still far from the goal, but your support is helping a lot.
In the meantime, you can support my singles and my albums (there will be an Ambient album coming out this September!).
I hope you will enjoy what I create!

$36 of $200 per month
This is the essential amount needed to keep The Fireplace running. You can divide this amount in order of focus:

PRIMARY FOCUS - The Fireplace Project
As explained in the page description, your donations will focus on The Fireplace project and will help me make it possible. Creating new tales is quite an expensive process, from paying the illustrators to hiring instrumentalists, including promotion and more. 
More details in the page description.

SECONDARY FOCUS - Overall Support
Part of your donation will be needed for the usual expenses I have to face as a music producer (album covers designs, vocalists, singers, instrumentalists, promotion..)
More details in the page description.

Thank you so much for the precious and lovely help!

UPDATE October 2018: My website has finally launched
UPDATE August 2019: New Piano album coming out in September 2019 + new merch soon to be released on Design by Humans!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
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