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About Kit Power


My name is Kit Power. I'm a horror/thriller writer - novelist, short story writer, blogger, and reviewer . The latter two activities take place mainly on The Gingernuts of Horror - Europe's leading independent horror review site. I am currently working on my second novel(la), second round edits for a short story collection, and have more future fiction project ideas than is probably healthy.

I'm also something of a Robocop fan.

Following some lovely experiences guesting on podcasts, I came to realize that this was a medium I would very much like to start working in. For that reason, in July 2016, the 'Watching Robocop with Kit Power' podcast launched. Now at 20 episodes, each show finds me in conversation with a guest, as we watch the movie Robocop and chat. The podcast works either as a commentary track for the movie or as a stand-alone conversation. It's a gleefully ridiculous idea, and I love doing it. There's also a ton of bonus episodes, where returning guests pick their favourite movie for us to watch, and a limited run where I watch the Ken Russell/The Who movie Tommy.

Part Interview. Part Commentary Track. All Podcast.

The releases will be free. Hosting... isn't. For that reason, I've set up this Patreon, in the hopes that those who enjoy my blogging and podcasting will be willing to kick in a very modest monthly amount to stop this project actively costing me money.

Beyond that, I hope that those of you who support this Patreon will enjoy the community I'm hoping to build here. This is isn't a cheap way to get my work - almost everything I've ever produced is either free or can be gotten for free, if you've a mind to. But this is the ONLY way to get early access - to the podcasts, to early drafts of my novels, to my works in progress. If that kind of peak behind the curtain appeals, I think you're going to like it here.

If you enjoy my work either as a podcaster, writer, or both, please consider a small donation to help keep the content coming - rewards start from as little as $1 a month, and include early access to both the podcasts and my monthly My Life In Horror series.

Thanks for your interest in my work.
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