is creating YouTube videos about TOG,games,anime,manga and manhwa
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will this is for who want to support me now even though i still new

and as a gift you will get to ask 3 questions that I will answer in my Q and A video. I will answer all three questions (as long as they are appropriate). They can be about my anime,manga and manhwa content, upcoming YouTube videos, or about my personal life. Ask away :)  




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About Kitsunemm

Hi, I'm kitsunemm. I mostly make Tower of god videos but I also do games videos and want to start making more manga and anime videos and even more TOG for my Youtube channel
I made this Patreon page because I do love to make videos, and even more, I love to interact with you guys, but I am also really busy. I go to college Online (study from afar) and I work full-time jobs so I can afford for my college. So if individuals who watch and enjoy my content would like to support me, why not? I know what it's like to work very hard and not have a lot of money, so that is why I truly and wholeheartedly appreciate any donation that you would be willing to make.