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shiny new tier thats a combination of the other tiers, old and new patrons please pledge to this one!

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  • Discord Role
  • All high resolution art as well as WIPs and Sketches!
  • First dibs on commission slots
  • .PSD files
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About kitsuneten

Hey there, I'm Ten! I'm a freelance artist that loves to draw cute kemono and furry art!

I created this Patreon as a bit of a tip jar since I'll still be posting most of my art onto my other websites as usual, but if you pledge there will be a few nice perks here and there. It would mean a lot if you decide to support me, as it would help a lot with pushing me into drawing more of what I love! No pressure if not, though!~

As a thanks for supporting, patrons will always get first dibs on commissions. Any carryover will be posted onto social media after!

Due to there being NSFW and Fetish content, you acknowledge that you are 18 or older to pledge.

I also have an optional Discord I also post into in which patrons can join and hang out in!

15% complete
Minimum amount I need to cover bills without cutting it close. This is mostly just a personal goal for me to see how far I've gotten!
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