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Kitten Academy is a place for kittens to learn to cat.  If you're here, you probably already know who we are and what we do.  Fundamentally, we are kitten foster parents, who work with local no-kill animal shelters to rescue kittens and mother cats from kill shelters and animal control.  We care for the mothers and kittens until the kittens are old enough to be adopted, then we work with the shelter to help them get the kittens adopted to good homes.  Everything we do is to help raise awareness for foster kittens generally, and to help get the kittens we foster adopted, specifically.

We also hope to be somewhat entertaining.  Our most popular feature is our YouTube 24/7 Live Stream.  But we also produce short videos on YouTube of the kittens and the Academy staff cats being cats and doing cat things.  And of course, provide the Kitten Academy website where there is a blog, and additional photos of the kittens that have attended the Academy.

Taking care of these kittens is a labor of love.  Aside from the contributions of viewers and patrons like you, we do not receive any money for this.  In fact, we pay rather a lot; we cover all the food and essentials, toys, and all vet bills, too.  Some months that comes out to quite a bit!  And of course, we also pay for the Academy grounds.

We'll do that in any case.  If we get no support, then we will still give these kittens every bit as much care as they deserve.  But if you can help us, it can make our lives easier, and also reminds us that some humans are (almost) as wonderful as kittens.  

With your patronage (Patreonage?) we only hope to take some of the sting out of the vet bills and food costs.  If we achieve that, then we can look to providing improvements to the Academy such as new toys for the kittens and improvements to the Academy room.  If we achieve and exceed even that, then we'll use the rest to help other fosters at the shelters we work through do the same.  We aren't looking to get rich or even make any profit at all from this -- the goal is to help kittens!  We will provide updates to our patrons explaining our expenses on a regular basis, so you can see where the money you pledge helps us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, watching our stream, and at least considering becoming a patron of the Kitten Academy.

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