Kitten Academy is creating Better Lives for Kittens

$1 or more

$1 /mo
Access to our Patreon-only posts, which is mostly early-access links to our (non-livestream) YouTube videos of the cats and kittens.

Access to our chat system, where you can talk to Kitten A...

$5 or more

$5 /mo
Access to a special bonus YouTube livestream of the kittens, for Patreon subscribers only.  This is NOT a constant 24/7 stream, it will be only for an hour or two a month.  We will play with the ki...

$10 or more

$10 /mo
An individual thank you on the monthly Patreon live stream, which is later published for the whole world!  We'll mispronounce your name and embarass ourselves just for you!

Plus, the inner...

$20 or more

$20 /mo
Credit in the text at the end of one of our (non-livestream, obviously!) YouTube videos.  You can let us know what name to credit, though we reserve the right to refuse anything dirty or obscene.

$50 or more

$50 /mo
A special physical thank-you card mailed to you, in the real mail.  Signed by Mr. Academy and DJ, and possibly by one of the faculty, if we can come up with a safe method!  "Limited to any country ...

$100 or more

$100 /mo
We'll make a special YouTube video with your favorite kitten, dedicated to you by name!  

Plus, the knowledge that you have become an ultimate champion of kittens.

Plus everything...