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Honorary Little Bird

At this level, you will be contributing directly to my ability to create wondrous and unusual places for you to explore.  That makes you magnificent!  In addition, I will often post little bits of music, art, twine stories, poetry, short fiction, and other miscellanea that will only be available to Patreon supporters as a thank you for your kindness and support!
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Silver Sparrow

At this level gain access to the previous tier, as well as FREE DIGITAL COPIES of any games or multimedia I create which I charge premium prices for!  Any time I release a premium work for the general public, I will also create a $3+ Patrons-only post that supplies a FREE download link of said work, and that post will be available for no less than 30 days!

(Please note that I release premium work rather infrequently, and that this only applies to work which I have exclusive creative control over and excludes possible collaborative work)
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Ruby Robin

At this level, gain access to all previous tiers, as well as exclusive monthly games!  Each month I create short, abstract, gameplay-light Unity games complete with 'music' and 'graphics' and 'distant wailing' known as PHANTOM_HOUSES that will only ever be available to Patreon backers of this tier or higher!  In addition, and subject to availability, each month all Patrons of this tier will gain access to an incomplete gameworld or project of mine!  That's right, crane your neck in the ruins of half-built worlds that no one else will ever bear witness to!

(Games will generally be made available in the first week of the following month, i.e. September's game will be available in early October)




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Hello, little birds.

My name is Kitty Horrorshow.  You may know me as the creatrix responsible for such abominations as StygiaDust CityChyrza, and Sunset Spirit Steel.  I am a game-developer bird-girl witch-poet with worlds within me.  I have many strange visions to share with you.

I've chosen to create this Patreon because, though it pains me to admit so, I am in need of help.  I work tirelessly to bring you the worlds I envision, because it brings me such joy to do so, but I am ever the enemy of time and financial pressure.  With your support I hope to reach a point when my every waking hour is dedicated to the creation of beautiful, unnatural, impossible realms for you to explore and become lost within.

With your kind and generous support I can more readily afford food, clothes, lycanthropy medicine, shelter, heat, and all the other silly things that our flesh-prisons so fervently demand of us, as well as books and game development extensions to enhance my capabilities.  Eventually I may even be capable of travel, which will enable me to give talks and attend conventions and inspire others to create, so that the world might run over with beautiful otherworlds to inhabit.  By supporting me, you encourage the creation of magnificent new places, digital realms at once beautiful and terrible.  But I do not expect something for nothing-- I have many gifts to give.

Your kindness and support means the world to me.  Be well, dear little birds.
$1,000 - reached! per month
At this level, I can not only pay rent and eat but also buy clothes, books, software extensions, secret shapeshifter elixirs, medicine, and put some money away for The Tax Reapers!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 76 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 76 exclusive posts

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