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You guys are the coolest! Even one dollar a month will help me out! For that, you will gain access to my private patron feed and my stories a day early. You'll also have the satisfaction you're helping feed my cat!
The Possessed
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This is a tier just for those other writers that follow me. If you're possessed, every week I'll make a post with writing tips, along with a writing prompt (example: if you've read Housebreaking, write a story about the other puppies of the litter.) If you still want to contribute to this tier but you're not interested in the prompts or tips, I'll put up polls about what future story topics I should do!

Monsters Under the Bed
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Oh wow. This is awesome. Along with access to the stories a day early along with story polls and tips/prompts, I'll give a special shout out to each and every one of you at the beginning of every month! If you have a blog of your own you'd like for me to boost, I'd be happy to!




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And now that you're done watching me coo at my cat for about a minute and a half, let's do some actual talking here. Hi. I'm Katie 'Kitty' Olsen, or known to my followers, TheOddCatLady. I'm a writer and mostly known for my short horror stories such as The Walls Sweat and Our Pet Monster. I also work on fantasy on occasion!

I'm here on Patreon to start earning money doing what I love most. And with frequent updates and various perks with more coming, I hope I'll be able to continue. Your contributions will go to

1. Cat Food.
2. More Cat Food.
3. People Food.
4. People Bills.
5. Cat Litter.
6. And commission funds to hire artists to contribute to favorite Cat Lady stories and series!

The last one on the list is clearly way off, but I have high hopes. Thank you for reading. Don't forget- the monster under your bed is cool. The monster in your closet is a douchebag. And the one peering in your window at night... well, we don't talk about him.

- TheOddCatLady
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Lucky day! This will certainly ease the worries about buying groceries. When we reach this goal, I'll start holding a monthly raffle, in which the winner and I will have a nice talk. I will ask for your name, interests, personality, and most importantly... your fears. Then with this knowledge I will create a personalized horror story, aimed at YOU!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 205 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 205 exclusive posts

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