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is creating books to educate on consent, activism, relationships & Juggalos
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  • You get access to the patron-only channel here on Patreon! You'll get some insight here that you won't find anywhere else, and sometimes, articles that don't get published in full.
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per month
  • You get access to the patron-only channel here on Patreon! You'll get some insight here that you won't find anywhere else, and sometimes, articles that don't get published in full.
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About Kitty Stryker

I'm Kitty Stryker, a queer writer, an anarchist activist, a Juggalo anthropologist, and an authority on consent culture.

I put out an anthology called "Ask: Building Consent Culture", that succeeded in signalboosting marginalized voices within consent discussions. "Ask" got an Honorable Mention at the Foreword Reviews awards, as well as being used in multiple universities to teach the complexities of consent in a culture that rewards entitlement. 

I am currently working on two new books, one that will discuss how to be an activist with healthy relationships (not just romantic!) and one that will put into print my deep dive into Juggalo culture. Additionally, I'm hoping to make enough per month to not only support my writing, but a #kittylearnstocook vlog series for those intimidated by the kitchen.

Patreon is the only way I can spend time working on these projects! Without you, I would need to quit freelance writing in order to focus my energy on an office job. Every $5 donation keeps me in coffee and my cats in kibble. I am incredibly grateful to my patrons, who subsidize me doing vital community work for marginalized people with their donations.

Funding my Patreon means funding my creations:
-about consent
-about learning to cook
-about sex work
-about transmisogyny
-about sex education
-about pop culture

and so much more.

Current Projects:

"Love Rebels: A Practical Guide to Activist Relationships"
This book project (published by PM Press) will be an exploration into how to have relationships while being an activist (and how to care for an activist!) This will be a year long project and will cover relationships from romantic to sexual to familial to friendships. Activism can be hard, not only on the individual but everyone attached to them, and I've learned some ways to make it less stressful and tense. Hopefully this book will help others find balance too!

"The Struggalo is Real: Radical Potential of Juggalos"
Juggalos, fans of Insane Clown Posse and related acts, are actually far more complex than the media who laughs at them leads us to believe. Juggalos have always been characterized by a sense of family that leads them to care for each other in an unprecedented way rarely documented outside of the community. Also, after being labeled a gang by the FBI in 2011 and marching for their rights in DC in 2017, Juggalos have demonstrated that while their political beliefs vary, they are not apolitical or to be ignored. Through interviews and extensive research, I plan to act as a Juggalo anthropologist, offering up a fresh perspective on these “wicked clowns”.

Struggalo Circus
Serving as a street medic, I co-created Struggalo Circus with my boyfriend, a second generation Juggalo, and our friend, another long time Juggalo, in order to create a space for a working coalition between antiracist, anti-classist Juggalos and activists all over the spectrum - libertarian, socialist, communist, anarchist, liberal, even the odd conservative. Do no harm but take no shit. I remain active with the group as a medic. I am pitching a Juggalo ethnography to a couple indie publishers, which I will be able to write with the help of my patrons.

Past Projects:

"ASK: Building Consent Culture"
I’ve wanted to do an anthology about consent culture ever since I started speaking out about abuse within alternative sexuality. Having it span consent dynamics outside of the exclusively sexual ones was a concept I settled on after speaking in the UK at a consent panel - talking with people in law, politics, academia and activism made me realize the number of areas consent culture needed to be discussed. While talking about consent and sex is very important, I hope that expanding the ways people think about consent to other interactions like hugging or gaming will help us realize that boundaries and negotiation matter all the time. The anthology came out October 27th, 2017, and features the diverse voices of both published and unpublished writers. I am pleased to say that at least 11 of my authors identify as Black, brown, and/or people of color - and at least 8 identify as nonbinary and/or transgender.

At $2000 per month, I can focus on these projects full time, which is my goal.

Legit Writer:

"Ask: Building Consent Culture"
"How To Come Out Like a Porn Star"
"Queer Sex Work
"Worn Stories"
"Prose and Lore: Memoir Stories About Sex Work
"Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love & Fashion"
"Johns, Marks, Tricks and Chickenhawks: Professionals & Their Clients Writing about Each Other"
"Stretched- Erotic Fiction That Fondles The Imagination

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Huffington Post
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The Frisky
Daily Dot

Why Patreon?
Most writing places pay in "exposure". Sadly "exposure" doesn't feed my cats or keep a roof over my head! This is where you awesome people come in.

Your patronage gains you direct access to my brain while helping me write. It also means I can justify crossposting my work with places that don't pay but will signal boost my opinions to a larger audience. It's like you're giving me a megaphone through which I can talk to the wider internet. As it seems likely that our media will be less and less able to speak truth to power, I hope to do it as long as I can, and while capitalism is awful, every dollar helps me help others.

Patreon has helped me go from struggling to make ends meet to being able to safely pay rent. It's a great example of how $5 from individuals doesn't seem like a lot but when there's 50 people giving $5 it can make a huge difference. So if you like what you see, tell your friends! 
74% complete
With rent and bills paid for, $1500 a month will allow me to focus my time and energy on indie journalism.
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