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I used to have this for less, but as the last year showed me, I will have to self-publish the Consent Culture book. Reaching this will allow me to save money to pay writers, as well as taking time off cranking out articles to edit.


I'm a sex critical feminist, a fat queer femme, an ex-escort and current porn performer. I write on personal and political topics often relating to sex, gender, sex work and consent for my own blog. I'm currently working on my first book.


Oakland, CA, USA

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I'm Kitty Stryker, a freelance writer about sexuality, current events, cultural critique, sex work, feminism, and intersectionality for years now. My primary home for my work is my personal blog,

Using Patreon to fund my writing gives me freedom to write what's important rather than what's popular. I don't have to worry about pitching an article and getting my pitch accepted according to the current trends and the readership - I can write a guide to being shy at orgies, or how to help someone who is suicidal, or why wholesomeness is sexy to me. It allows me to write bluntly about sex work without feeding someone's agenda, so I can talk about authenticity and performativity, I can discuss how we need to critique our sexual fantasies.

Thanks to my patrons, I can write the stuff I want to write and they want to read! 

Legit Writer:

"How To Come Out Like a Porn Star"
"Queer Sex Work
"Worn Stories"
"Prose and Lore: Memoir Stories About Sex Work
"Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love & Fashion"
"Johns, Marks, Tricks and Chickenhawks: Professionals & Their Clients Writing about Each Other"
"Stretched- Erotic Fiction That Fondles The Imagination

Huffington Post
Tits and Sass
The Frisky
Daily Dot

Why Patreon?

I'd prefer to keep my writing free of ads, plus most writing places pay in "exposure". Sadly "exposure" doesn't feed my cats or keep a roof over my head! This is where you awesome people come in.

Your patronage gains you direct access to my brain in a private setting (and the ability to request I cover certain issues), while helping a poor queer feed herself and save the world. It also means I can justify crossposting my work with places that don't pay but will signal boost my opinions to a larger audience. It's like you're giving me a megaphone through which I can talk to the world. 

Patreon has helped me go from struggling to make ends meet to being able to safely pay rent for a year now. It's a great example of how $5 from individuals doesn't seem like a lot but when there's 50 people giving $5 it can make a huge difference. 

Updates are usually between 6 and 8 pieces of at least 700 words a month. 

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