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About kivik

Welcome to my Patreon Page!

I'm currently developing an erotic game called Due Process using the Ren'py Engine and 3D rendered images from DAZ Studios.
Please note that Charge Up Front is enabled.

The game is currently going through a complete rebuild from the ground up, due to a change in mechanics and story direction. I will be updating the Patreon settings as time goes by.


You're a specialist recruited to enter Violet City to... alleviate the burden of some assets from your client's competitor.

Unfortunately you were apprehended during your heist, foiled by a figure that seems to possess inhuman abilities. You managed to post bail but you're now trapped in the city with no money left to your name, awaiting your trial in a year's time.

Your client, still interested in the assets that you left hidden during the heist, has offered to help you influence the outcome of your trial using her current research, in exchange for you to finish your job. You must now seek the help of the underbelly of this wealthy city to rebuild your resources until you can pull off the job you needed to escape the city.

Themes and Mechanics

The game will be driven by mission based mechanics, where you have to scout out potential targets to acquire resources from and evade or subdue the police and security forces trying to keep order to the city.

You will meet various NPCs who can be your friends or foes depending on your actions, and most importantly opportunity to manipulate and influence them into your loyal subjects.

Why the Reboot?

Whilst developing the mechanics for the containment + conditioning approach, I found myself hitting a brickwall in terms of creating compelling content and stories very quickly. The framework didn't allow enough variety, and I didn't see how to get away from the repetitive gameplay.

The reboot will no longer keep your potential subjects captive for long durations of time, instead giving you opportunities to slowly influence and manipulate their behaviours using new processes.

This will lead to a slower burn, but a lot more potential content as you'll have much more interactivity with your subjects between the start and end state.

I've also worked out a system / mechanic that is simple to learn, but can cover most aspects of the game. Instead of having radically different gameplay mechanics in each area of the game, there should fundamentally be one or two mechanics that will be used.

Release Schedule

I've admittedly put myself under more pressure than I should have with my tiered reward from before. So I'm starting afresh and just giving you guys suggested donation levels.

I will still aim for monthly releases, but all will depend on how the development pans out.

$160.20 of $1,000 per month
At $1,000 a month I'll be able to work on the game part-time.
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