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And Who are you?

Hello, I'm Kiwi, a demon that just randomly pops up on the internet at first to create unimaginable things, now I create things that can possibly fulfill one's satisfaction.

Quite a bit of people encourages me to open a patreon page for people to contribute to, so I decided Now is the time. Now it's time to achieve what I can do to improve my craftmanship.

Although my art is a little rusty due to me not maturing fully yet, I can still try to create what you all need.

What Do YOU create?
Usually I create artwork from things such as the game Smite, or others such as world mythology, manga and anime, most of the stuff people may know.

Why do you want our money?
I'm here to create artwork, I'm here to create what is in their minds, I'm here to satisfy your creative thoughts and visualize it through images.

What else can you do besides artwork?

I can do something else besides artwork, tutorials, 
voice imitations, and comedy, I can entertain people by making videos, though I may need to reserve the time to do so and I'll need a better microphone.

If you want more about my art follow the Instagram and Amino picture!

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More content than ever, I'll literally upload more regularly.
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