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-You support me making songs in the studio.  So I can finish them and deliver them to you.  To crank out loud on your drive to work.

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-Exclusive first look at progress on the songs, and other music related things I am up to in the studio

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-You get regular updates, downloads in your email of mixes of songs.  Sometimes rough demos.  You get to know hwat it started from.

-Inside access to videos about what I am contemplating in this life spawing lyrics

-Access to videos of daily habits that I do in order to sing well and create music

-Access to videos involving the art that goes into the next album being released on vinyl.

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-Everything in Lower Tiers

-Full access to every video that I shoot of album, music, life progression.  

-Access to videos of me and my good friend Matty(digital) artist having a great time being creative in the studio. He works on art while I work on songs

- A monthly Skype, one on one.  A conversation with me about whatever the music inspires you to think about, what are your struggles that the music helps to relieve.  I am an INFP, I can totally handle this...

- First peak, or download of finished songs or videos before they hit the digital distributors or youtube.




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About Kjetil Landsgard

Hey, Hows it going.  If you have landed on this page wondering what I am about...its very simple.   I am a person that expresses himself through a song recording.  That means I write and record, play all the instruments and program drums to create a recorded song...then I listen to that recording over and over again in deep insular joy....like having a communion with the higher power.   Maybe you can get to enjoy the same thing from my recordings.  

I currently hold a day job....but any of my free time I am in my studio working on the next song.  I also do some side hustle music jobs that involve toplining (which is singing over someone else's music) for producers from around the world.  My recording studio is right in my home, a soundproofed room right in my house.....since my music is so all consuming....my four kids, my wife, or the mother inlaw...whom all live with me.....can pop their heads in and help me come back down to earth to be the role of being a present husband, father....and son in law!   I am working towards making music full time.  If I could cover the monthly expenses through music I can guarantee you I could consistently provide so much good, delicious music for you to listen to! 

This is where patreon comes in.  

I want to have a solid dedicated support community that loves my music creations, and holds me accountable to keep delivering....and by their support, my monthly expenses are covered and I can go full time.....and go all in on writing music for those supporters.  If that happened, you as one of those supporters would radically change my life.....Recording it, writing lyrics, film video to go with my songs.....and still have time to be with my kids and wife. 

If you become a member of my community, I will give you all kinds of insights into my process; unfinished mixes to see where I am going with the songs, ideas that I contemplate for lyrics, what I do habitually in order to sing like a rockstar banchee.  I will also share behind the scenes setups for the future music videos that I can't wait to get started on.  

Last but not least...I will speak with you.  Let me know what thoughts my music triggers within you.  Let me know who you are...you might inspire the next song.
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Fund the release of my third solo album on vinyl.  Pay the artist for the artwork. Live stream listening party of the vinyl in my studio.

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