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"What the hell is going on?"
Do you ever have QUESTIONS that run a little deeper than just which sandwich should I buy?
Do you ever get touched by a profound, gnawing, existential angst over the ways things are versus how they should be?
Well, Hi. My name is Kingston, and I'm the author/curator behind The Rocket Surgery.
Philosophy is my 'thing'-- but not philosophy as you may know it, in its academic and over-intellectualised form, I'm talking Phylos Sophie: the love of wisdom. In its original form, philosophy was a skill or art like any other and accessible to anyone; it was intended as a way to formalise our natural human wondering into a school of thought, to actually try and find 'answers' to the unique form of questions that come with our reflective minds.
My own stormy past has taught me that our minds are both our prisons and our liberators when it comes to our joy and contentment, and the mess of my adolescent years pushed me into discovering just how life-changing thinking critically about one's life can be. Reflecting on my existence, trying to 'learn life', liberated me from the destructive and anxiety-inducing thought habits the world had imposed on me.
Because of this, I believe that in this chaotic age of information overload, of anxiety and isolation, if more people recognised the power and importance of the kind of self-reflection that philosophy originally aimed to nurture, the world would be a much better place. And, moreover, that neither education, background, nor money should ever be an obstacle to it, for the more people that participate in it, the more we all benefit.
So I'm doing my best to encourage open discussion and reflection over life's more puzzling or painful subjects, such as: death, sexuality, 'the self', drugs, contentment, anxiety, time, money, fame, the quest for meaning...

I'm doing this two ways:
  • By writing a book, called 'Saying Nothing', which is an exploration into how language shapes the way we think, and the rhythms that appear when we learn to 'unthink' the habits enforced on us. It is an ode to the beauty of this crazy existence, and the power of 'being present'.
  • By curating and writing for The Rocket Surgery (TRS), an art and philosophy blog that calls on thinkers from any discipline - from writers to artists to dancers and fingerpainters - to put their unique responses to the issues that affect us all.
The purpose of this Patreon is to build a community of forward-thinkers, to bring together everyone and anyone interested in encouraging a little more wisdom in the world.

Becoming a Patron means:
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Where Your Money Goes:
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    • More guest contributors (able to be rewarded with more than just the warm fuzzies!),
    • Contributor Q&As,
    • Online or Real-world discussion meetups, art collaboration projects...
    • Physical prints of art/writing from the blog sold on the site,
    • Talks, a festival, a podcast, an actual rocket... you decide.
  • To helping a self-employed maniac writer achieve his dreams, and motivating him to work better and harder, and helping him launch his first book (Saying Nothing) .

The Rocket Surgery - (More about the site here)
Anyone can view the blog content on TRS, and anyone is welcome to pose questions or provide suggestions,
but if you really want to join the journey you need to get involved by becoming a patron!
Money sucks, and should never be an obstacle to knowledge or art
, so I've set the bar as low as possible while still promoting some sense of investment in a community.
Just a token donation of £1 (and 2 minutes!) gives you full access to the community, and makes you an official Rocket Scientist!

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