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About Klaus Nether

Depending on how you came here you might not know I write, I stream, I make derpy videos and webcomics ... SURPRISE I do it all ... amazingly.

I write: nethertales.com
I tube: youtube.com/c/Nethertales
I comix: instagram.com/klaus_nether
I derp: www.twitch.tv/klaus_nthr

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- Hmmm goat meat -

There is no paywall for content here. 

The only reason there are so many tiers is because I was having too much fun making up the titles. If you like what I do and want to support it you can throw a buck or two my way. I would appreciate it :)

Whether you pay or not you are likely to find the following things here on my patreon. 

  • previews of upcoming projects. 
  • first look at videos and webcomics before I release them into the wild.
  • announcements for things like giveaways.
  • anything else I can think of ... pizza? 

The only thing that patreons get extra is this:

->  Their name is added to the Eternal list of bloody Patreons that can be found in <Thank You> page on nethertales.com

Looking a bit pale
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- haven't gone outside in while have you - 

I hate garlic now
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- no more stinky breath - 

Sparkling in the sun
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 - better go outside at night -

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 - Vampires pretending to be humans pretending to be vampires ... How avant-garde! - 

Is that makeup on your face?
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- day makeup for the night - 

I hate Buffy now
per month

- she was a whiny 12 year old -

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- half and half I guess -

Al Lewis
per month

- ahh The Munsters ... he looked funny and so do you -

Dead and loving it
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- That's often the way here with vampires. Quiet lives, active deaths - 

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The epic "One free snowcone" Club. This will come in handy in the eternal summer that will most likely engulf the Earth.
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