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Devlog Access
$5 or more per release 19 patrons
Receive access to weekly devlogs for my work on Twine, Chapbook, and other stuff! While Chapbook is in pre-release state, you'll have the exclusive ability to offer feedback on what features you'd like to see added, and help shape development priorities.
Chapbook Guide Thank-You
$10 or more per release 3 patrons
Your name (or handle) will appear in a thank-you section of the Chapbook guide, optionally with a link to your web site. Both name and linked web site are subject to my discretion; the guide needs to be kid- and classroom-friendly.
Livestream Access
$20 or more per release 5 patrons
Receive access to a monthly hour-long livestream with me where I'll talk about Twine, show what I've been working on, and field questions from you and other Patreon backers at this tier. Keep in mind that the livestreams are scheduled either on weekday evenings Eastern time, or a weekend day.