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Greetings, and welcome!  The intellectual challenge for our time is to think multiple-ly, to cultivate an n-fold vision, where n is greater than one. Single vision will no longer do.

Here at KnICH Magazine we are fourfold, and look upon the world through the tetradic lenses of Knowledge, Imagination, Compassion, and Humour!  Here, you will encounter... tetrads (you've already met one!), labyrinths, circumnavigations, ravens, riddles, both trees and forests, sagas, and other complexities and enigmas.  The riddles, incidentally, will not be solved -- such is not their purpose, nor does their value lie in their solution.  We look back here, for our inspiration, to the great pan-subjective magazines that had their hey-day in the 19th century and the early part of the 20th (some survive into the 21st), journals like the Canadian Magazine of Politics, Science, Art and Literature, whose inaugural volume began with the phrase: "The Canadian Magazine needs no apology for appearing."  Good words for the outset of any project such as this.  

So what do you, dear reader, get if you choose to subscribe?  In short, you get the following:

  • For $3 per month, you get Knich Magazine!  Six to eight articles per month, posted here, with perhaps an extra tidbit or two every so often.  
  • For $5 per month, you get the magazine, plus an additional bonus article each month, plus access to a video every two months (the first of those will appear in May)!  We may take our inspiration from the 19th century, but we are not bound by the technology of that era.  AND... you will be invited to submit e-mail questions, comments, and observations for a quarterly "Letters to the Editor" sort of feature.  
  • For $8 per month, you get all the goodies of the first two tiers, plus an annual gift, most likely at Christmastime!  Said gift will be of the printed variety, sent to you by mail, because we do draw our inspiration from those 19th-century magazines, and every so often it is a good idea to give an extra nod in their direction.  

We are reachable at: [email protected] or on Twitter (@KniCHWords)

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts

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