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As a Friend of the Guild you will be supporting our work in the development of our video and other data content. As such you will have access to our video content and livestreams. Our full video library which reveals our ever-growing curriculum is reserved for the Guild Member Tier. 

We appreciate your involvement and support of our community and club. 
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Becoming a Guild member not only helps us continue to grow and develop content but it provides you with access to our complete and developing curriculum for the English martial system. You will have access to all of the videos that we do not post on YouTube. For example, we post several videos on the English Longsword based on the Ledall Roll but we reserve many of those videos for our Patreon supporters. Only as a member with us on Patreon will you have access to our full curriculum for not only English longsword but all of our weapon systems as we continue to develop new video content and post them to this forum. 

Note: As a Guild member you will receive a membership certificate which is exclusive to our members only. This will be mailed to you which is why we request your address.

It takes a lot of time and effort to produce these videos, therefore we reserve exclusive content only for those who support this endeavor. 
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About Guild of Knightly Arts

The Guild of Knightly Arts was founded by Jason Bright, a long-time martial artist and HEMA enthusiast. This Guild was founded in 2019 to fill the gap in current HEMA which is the specific art and practice of the English systems of Knightly and fencing combatives. Our physical group and online presence provides step-by-step tutorials on the English longsword, backsword and other weapon systems based upon historical English treatises. We are unique in that there are only a handful of people in the world working directly and exclusively with the English treatises. Our Guild is the forerunner in producing materials and online content so that others can learn this aspect of HEMA and begin taking up the art for themselves and thereby grow the English system to its properly deserved status in the international HEMA community.

Becoming a patron of the Guild of Knightly Arts enables you to have access to what we do and how we do it. You may become a simple Friend of the Guild and enjoy livestreams when available and have limited access to our curriculum videos or you can become a full Member of the Guild and get access to everything we put out including a physical copy of our membership certificate which is exclusive to our members.

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