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YOU make it possible for us to hunt down and preserve these precious details and props from this wonderful and fanciful show...before they disappear into oblivion and obscurity, and while the cast and crew who were there back in the day, are still with us and able to share their memories and stories.
So, Thank you. Because without you, these stories, facts, and props would be forgotten...and lost...forever.

Because you care about these things like we do, this tier includes a small rotating thank you in the description box of my YouTube videos, as well as fun, exclusive [occasional] behind-the-scenes content.
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YOU are the pivotal supporter, because not only have you helped save this history, and these props from oblivion, but your support empowers us to bring these props back to life!  Back, as close as possible, to their original [and real] operating status.  Blinky lights, dry-rub transfers, imperfect paint, fiberglass flaws, bondo bodges and all!

And as because of this, you deserve extra-special credit for your contributions. And so, you'll be one of those people scrolling up the screen! That's right, it's your name in lights!
This, of course, on top of all the benefits mentioned in the previous 2 tiers as well.

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Hello, and thank you for stopping by our page! We are AJ and Joe, the "Knight Rider Historians" (a title of which we bestowed upon ourselves, but it sounds important and cool). We have spent the last 25 years digging deep into the history of "Knight Rider" - talking to those who worked on the show (in front of, and behind the camera), as well as collecting numerous props from the show. We are the world experts on this show, despite both of us having never actually worked on the set.

If you're up for it and you decide to pledge some support, you will help us to continue to bring you amazing behind the scenes content that is not available anywhere else, increase the quality of our content and fund our research into uncovering even more props and stories from the shadowy flight that is..."Knight Rider"!

Thank you!
Joe & AJ
"The Knight Rider Historians"
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For all our videos after we reach this goal, AJ will begin wearing a tailor-made formal jacket made exclusively from "Knight Rider" parella cloth. Yep, the very same stuff that KITT's seats were made out of...It will be a first, and YOU will help make it happen!
I mean, who else would be crazy enough to do this anyway? AJ, of course! Who else???
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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