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This level is for anyone who wants to support the podcast just because you are amazing and generous, and you know that the Knights and Nerds crew appreciates you the way a Mind Flayer appreciates each and every single one of their thralls. Okay, bad example.

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At this tier, you gain knowledge as though you can walk through walls, like a spectre... get it? Or a ghost. Or if the wall had a door in it and you used the door. Anyways you get to overhear the players talking candidly about the campaign, is what we're trying to say. 

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  • All rewards from previous tiers
  • A monthly bonus episode where the players of Tim's campaign talk about their impressions of the adventure so far and theorize as to what exactly is going on.
  • Submit an NPC that will be featured in the campaign! (Survival not guaranteed)
  • Monthly Campaign Discussion
  • Create an NPC for the Campaign


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Ask the Knights and Nerds crew questions - any questions you want! What is their opinion on current North American trade agreements? How would they run an all-bard campaign? How do you go about populating a town with memorable NPCs? Is a hot dog a sandwich?
Your questions can be simple or complex. 

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  • All rewards of previous tiers
  • Submit questions through Patreon for a monthly Q&A bonus episode with members of the Knights and Nerds crew.
  • Monthly AMAs
  • Monthly Campaign Discussion
  • Create an NPC for the Campaign




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About Knights and Nerds Podcast

What is the Knights and Nerds Podcast all about?
We are a fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast with a unique twist; in addition to biweekly actual play episodes, you get a behind-the-screen peak into the creation process with our Campaign Planning episodes which delve into the worldbuilding, encounter design, and more!

Patron Benefits
Besides the overwhelming feeling of moral superiority, as a patron you can receive bonus episodes of the party's behind the scenes discussion on the ongoing progress of the campaign, participate in our monthly Q&A episodes, as well as original content for your own D&D adventures!

Patrons are helping us manages the costs associated with hosting and creating a quality podcast.

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