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About Knit Edge

Cooperative Press has been publishing Knit Edge since 2012. (You can see/buy back issues on Ravelry here). Our original vision, to publish long form knitting content (such as articles or tutorials), along with selected patterns, continues. We've de-emphasized patterns compared to other knitting magazines because we believe there are many, many places to find patterns and not as many sources of writing about knitting.

The publishing world has been in a transitional stage for the past several years; the knit publishing world even more so. We founded Knit Edge with a traditional annual subscription model based on publishing three digital magazine issues per year. As the company has grown and changed, and as we've brought on a new editor and a freelance staff located all over the US, we've realized that the Patreon pay-per-new-release model is much more effective for what we want to do going forward. Not to mention there's the opportunity to help us build some new things for our readers, including educational events.

By pledging a payment each time a new issue is released, you're helping us pay our contributors and staffers fairly, and giving us a budget to develop these events and other materials (such as best-of books from the previous issues and more).

Recent discussions on social media about #FairFiberWage have really hit home for us. Cooperative Press has paid a higher royalty percentage than any other fiber publisher since day one. We would like to similarly push for change in payouts to instructors, magazine contributors and everyone else that works to create the knitting content you love. But we can't do that without money. If you believe as we do that knitting talent deserve better treatment and payment, please pledge to keep Knit Edge running and growing. Thank you!
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With $7500 per new issue release, we can fund not only the production costs of the issues themselves (and hire more help), but we can also start work on building out our events calendar and paying everyone involved a fair wage. We'll be able to expand the magazine and provide more content.

If we can hit $15,000 per new issue release, we'll go 100% ad-free in the magazine. 

Anything above that, we'll work on providing additional great rewards for you, including discounted admission to our events and much more.
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