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I have been a professional knitting designer and author (turned publisher) for over ten years. I've written more than a dozen books for major publishers, as well as The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design, the first in its field. I also have served on the Independent Book Publishers Association board, and presented on niche publishing at South by Southwest, O'Reilly's TOC digital publishing conference and more.

With one foot in both the knit industry and publishing industry for many years, both of which have gone through a large number of changes over this past decade, I've seen a lot of things happening, and not all of them are great. Decreasing designer compensation is a problem, there's the recent #FairFiberWage discussion about teacher pay and reimbursements, and then the trickle down effect on everyone else we rely upon to keep things going, such as sample knitters.

From the designer side it feels as if no one realizes how squeezed we are financially on all fronts. And as a consumer, I want to know that the money I spend is going where I think it is.

I would like to try a radical experiment. We'll release a pattern every single week of the year (updated in early 2019 to add that this began in 2017 and is about to finish up the original 51st and 52nd pattern thanks to sample knitter difficulties) and document the money side of things from every possible angle. How much the patterns REALLY cost to produce (photography, tech editing, sample knitters), and how much we earned from straight up pattern sales on Ravelry, how much we earned here on Patreon, who got paid and why.

Let's see if the summer knitting slump really does affect income for designers!

Let's see if hosting knit-alongs or other special events drives up sales!

Let's see where knitters are actually hanging out and buying patterns these days!

In short, let's gather up all kinds of information over the course of a year and analyze it for everyone's benefit.

This Patreon is set up so that supporters will pay a discounted per-pattern rate of $4 every time a new pattern is released. If we are able to stick to our once-per-week goal, and our target of 250 weekly subscribers or more (keeping in mind that people may come and go as the year goes on), we'll be able to pay everyone involved in the project fairly, and continue work on additional content for subscribers on top of the patterns themselves. We also hope to continue a conversation about where professional knitwear design as a career is headed, and that will take a variety of forms.

As a supporter, you'll have access to all the content we produce so long as you stay subscribed, and information that won't be publicly available to non-subscribers. If you are a subscriber for 6 months or more, you'll receive a copy of the book we are planning to write about this experience, a follow up of sorts to The Knitgrrl Guide.

Thank you for considering lending your support to this experiment! We're fascinated by the possibilities here.
$356 of $1,000 per pattern release
We've reviewed expenses from over 50 Cooperative Press books and determined the absolute minimum amounts we'll need per month to sustain this project all year long, including payments for sample knitters, postage, technical editing, photography, bookkeeping help, time spent on customer service / communications, and more. We then set a higher goal, $1000 per pattern release, so we can pay our people more money and advertise the patterns in more places. At the Patreon discounted rate of $4 per pattern, this means we'd need 250 patrons on average each week to hit our target.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 56 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 56 exclusive posts

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