Knockout Knob is creating electronic music with machines

the regular patreon

$1 /creation
is everyone pledging 1$ or more.
You will:
  • always be the first to know about new projects, shows e.g. 
  • be the first to listen to rele...

the tech neard patreon

$5 /creation
is everyone pledging 5$ or more.
You will:
  • get all the regular patreon gets
  • be part of the monthly 
    music'n'tech nerd google hangout

the fan patreon

$10 /creation
is everyone pledging 10$ or more.
You will:
  • get all the tech nerd patreon gets
  • get high quality downloads (.wav or .mp3) of the ja...

and if you really have to much money...

$100 /creation
...and you are crazy enough to donate 100$ or more you will:
  • get all of the above of cause
  • get an exclusive recording of non released ja...