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About Knowing Better

About Knowing Better and the Channel:
I am a veteran and former teacher, having taught History, Government, Geography, Economics, and Psychology at the junior and high school levels. I hold two degrees; the first in Social Studies Education, where my primary focus was on modern world history, and the second in Psychology, where I focused on cognitive psychology – how the brain receives and processes information.

Video editing has always been a hobby of mine, so in June 2016 I decided to combine my education and career with that hobby and started the channel.

Knowing Better is about clearing up misconceptions and giving you a base of knowledge to better approach topics. Explaining the difference between an assault rifle and assault weapon, the beliefs and history of Scientology, or discussing whether the Potato Famine was a genocide. Hopefully, the next time you end up in a debate over the latest political meme, you’ll know better.

What Supporting the Channel Does:
I do everything on this channel myself, from researching and writing to filming and editing; Knowing Better is a one-man operation.  It currently takes about 2 hours of work for every final minute of video, so a 20 minute video can take upwards of 40 hours.

Occasionally I contract someone to do animations or music - which wouldn't be possible without your support.

I recently made YouTube my full-time job, your support on Patreon helps to stabilize my income in the likely event that a video is demonetized.

Promises to You, for Becoming a Patron:
- I normally make videos ever 2-3 weeks, and barring some emergency, will continue to do so.
- Limited ad placement, only videos over 20 minutes will have a mid-roll.
- A sponsored video won't have any ads on it for the first month.

What You Get for Supporting (Explanations of Rewards):

- Behind-the-Scenes, Lens, and Bloopers: See the production process for yourself!  Any making-of's, blooper reels, or special behind the scenes videos will be available to you here.  Lens is a Snapchat-like feature on Patreon reserved only for patrons.

- Secret Live Streams: Occasionally I might do an unscheduled meet up and Q&A type live stream. They will only be available to patrons after the stream is complete.

- Access to scripts and artwork: A few days after a video goes live, the final script (including all of the annotations and markings letting me know how to film it) and any original artwork created for the video, will be available on the feed for you to do whatever you want with. Aside from remake my video or sell it as merch, I suppose, obviously.

- Shout-outs: Your name will appear as a thanks in every milestone video or non-sponsored video.  At the higher tiers, your name will appear in the end card of every video while you're a patron.  At the highest tier, I'll even say your name out loud the first time!

- Early Access: You'll get to see the videos several hours (or days if I'm that ambitious) before anyone else!  Give me your feedback, suggest corrections, get that top-level comment, whatever you want. If you suggest a correction that results in me having to take the video down to fix it, you will be credited in the end card!

- The Vault: Occasionally, a video will be made obsolete by a newer version or new information.  If that's the case, it heads to the vault.  But fear not, you'll have unlimited access to these embarrassing old videos for all time!

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Team Expansion
While I currently pay a part-time Production Assistant/Community Manager, I would like to expand this team to include moderators and other artists who have helped me on a regular basis.
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