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Thank You Tier

$1 /mo
Our Never-Ending Appreciation: We will whisper sweet nothings into the ether about you, recommending your soul to the immortals.

Policy Wonk Tier

$2 /mo
You will officially be a Policy Wonk, and we will announce it is so on the show. You can tell your friends, and they will be impressed.

Additionally, you will be granted access to th...


Time Traveler Tier

$10 /mo
If you donate at this level, you can pick a date from history, and we will do an episode covering what Alex Jones lied about on his show that day.

(Note: not every episode of his 20-...


You Tell Me Tier

$12 /mo
What Do You Want?: Make your own reward. As long as it's nothing too extreme, dangerous, or time-consuming, I will do just about anything that you feel needs to be done.

Globalist Tier

$15 /mo
At this level, you transcend mere Wonkery, you are elevated to the level of the true nefariousness of the Globalists

Technocrat Tier

$20 /mo
At this level, you are actively engaged in using the power of technology to fight against Alex Jones and his ilk, and thus deserve the title of Technocrat.