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Come into my Garden!
These projects are nearly public, and include readings, shorts, and little delights for a small admission price!
Themes change monthly and include 4 -12 posts a month. 

 The beginning of 2021 brought new inspiration for me to explore make-up! Starting the week of May 10th, I'll be going through the looks and thought processes of some of my most detailed and complicated make-up looks I've attempted. Get ready!

  • The Great Gatsby - March 2021
  • Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There - February 2021
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - January 2021
  • A Christmas Carol - December 2020


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The Salon is an important place for the exchange of ideas!
The salon was where great minds expressed ideas and games were played over a glass of brandy with close friends. In my salon, I give you a glimpse into how I train, what I practise, how I'm feeling and a look into the day-to-day of my artistry.
I try to make a post every day on this tier!

  • A view of everything that happens in The Garden
  • Weekly *uncensored* video diary update every Monday!
  • Methods to my training in a variety of disciplines
  • Current projects in progress, including costumes, freestyles, photoshoots, self-shoots, vintage looks and more!
  • See NEW social media content before anybody else! Including some of the stuff that doesn't make it to a platform! 
  • Exclusive SFW samples of the content found on my OnlyFans


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The Kitchen is the heart of a house.
In my family it's where people met together the most and where not only were your bellies fed, but so were your hearts, mind and souls. In my kitchen, you see how I bring certain ingredients together in new recipes to try to make new work. 
Posts are based on projects, and are not on set timelines.

  • Free access to both the Garden and the Salon
  • First dibs on FREE new paper merchandise as it arrives (for previous releases, simply shoot me a message and I'll give you your pick! 😉)
  • Exclusive looks at new works and projects, such as essays, scripts, writing, and choreography
  • Collaborate with me! Send me an idea you'd like to see me try!
Current Projects in Progress:
  • 100 Days of Dance Challenge - begun February 1st

About Knox Harter ~ The Cheesecake Darling

Hello Lovers and Other Strangers!

Welcome to my Patreon! I look into not only into what I'm creating and exploring while stages and spaces are closed but the methods as I do it! 

Join me in The Garden! This is a monthly themed project exclusively for Patreon! It usually consists of 4-12 posts I make throughout the month for your entertainment!
This Month: Reading of "Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There"

Meet me in the Salon! I post on this tier every day! Not only do you have a view of The Garden, but behind the scenes look at how I'm making all the work I do, exclusive social media content, SFW OnlyFans content, plus a video diary every Monday about me and my work!

See what's cooking in The Kitchen! These are posts that are project to project. I give you a sneak peak at some of the top-secret work I'm doing!
Currently: 100 Days of Dance Challenge

For those who want more scandalous content (as Patreon has restrictions) I have an OnlyFans page where I will show more burlesque teases, and unclothed photography. Feel free to buy a subscription for only $10 at

I can't wait to see you all!


Known as the Cheesecake Darling,
Knox Harter has the ability to captivate, allure, embarrass, intrigue, swoon, delight, amuse and seduce audiences all over. Raised in the woods of Northern Ontario, she was brought up to be wild, independent, and joyfully defiant. Knox spent her lifetime training in numerous dance styles, especially ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary and physical theatre. She learned how to be a proper lady with etiquette training, but has been selective in its application. Although she excelled in her studies, she proved to be a fiery little imp when she wanted to be, often telling tall tales, flirting with gentlemen and dancing in the street. Knox has always kept her child-like playfulness as a young woman, coercing and teasing all that cross her path with ocean blue eyes. This cheesecake darling loves nothing more than for you to watch her dance and enjoy her company, and she in turn will make sure you leave feeling nothing short of butterflies. But be warned, this sweet little ginger cat has claws, and can eat you whole if she wants, or worse, break your heart. With a reputation for versatility, an infectious energy, and a powerful performance quality with technical skill, Knox has become a name to watch for in the burlesque scene.

Knox is known for her emotional performances with dynamic movement and impressive physical ability. Her presence on stage and in front of a camera is undeniable. Knox's  repertoire consists of full and lively characters ranging from sweet and humorous to severe and sinister. Her intensity radiates into an audience for an engaging and thrilling spectacle. Be warned, she has been known to step past the fourth wall, making friends with patrons and creating unforgettable, and one-of-a-kind performance moments.

To see Knox's extended performance resume, click HERE.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 393 exclusive posts

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