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You have my eternal gratitude for your generosity in helping me make cool things for you! I will fist-bump you if we ever meet.

You get access to my sketches and works-in-progress of commissions and see all my new work before the rest of the internet!
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This tier means access to the goodies: timelapses, gifs, my doodles and personal work, transparent lineart .pngs, speedpaints on Youtube, and a first look at any long-term projects I may be up to. This tier also gets a 10% discount on my commissions!

You also, like the $1 tier, receive my eternal thanks for your generosity and an advanced look at my art...even before the $1 tier!
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Patrons of this tier get all of the rewards from before.

Unique to this tier are “KnuckleBucks”! What are those? Each $10 you pay at this reward tier goes toward a commission of your choice further down the line! If you want some more expensive work from me, this is a great way to save up for it over time!

You will also get a 15% discount on my commissions!

And as always, please don't forget that you have my undying thanks for your support.




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I'm KNUCKLEB0NE, an independent, full-time illustrator and cartoonist! I love to create colorful, lively art. I am a professional furry artist, which means I draw anthropomorphic cartoon animals for a living! I also love fantasy art, painting, horror, and video games. This space is where I post all of my exclusive secret art, video timelapses, works-in-progress, as well as all the public art I do several days in advance. Mostly it will be the work I do for a living, but there is lots of other content too! I pretty much post everything here, while the public only gets the finished pieces every now and then.

This Patreon is really very straight-forward: you are welcome to show me support monetarily! Every dollar helps me create better and more art for you as my Patrons, as well as helping me realize my personal and professional goals. I have several rewards available, including exclusive monthly sketches, as a sincere thanks to you for choosing to donate to make my life better (and therefore my work).

Thank you so much for reading, sharing, and especially for pledging! My life wouldn't be the same without you.
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WHOA! This is an absolute living wage! On Patreon! 

I'm going to be able to take less commissions than ever, which means free time for personal projects, for more art, and for branching out into things like paintings, photography, and other cool artistic endeavors! 

This amount would allow my creative life to explode (aaand maybe I'd get a little bit more sleep, haha)!
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