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About The Sage's School

the sage is opening his school!

for years, the sage has communicated with his students primarily through the kōans on but now, he is opening an official school.

to enroll in his school, simply pledge any amount through this patreon. what is patreon? it is a website that allows fans of an artist or creator to support their work on a monthly basis.

with your pledge, the sage will be able to continue his mission of spreading love throughout the land, regardless of the opposition he faces. these are dark times, and many wander in the darkness. but love is the light that will lead us out of the woods.

if you pledge, you'll receive access to a variety of members-only lessons, stories, early-release games.

in addition, there are some bigger rewards for people who make larger pledges.

pledge $3 and receive a kōan about any subject you request.

the sage will write and release the kōan as soon as possible, within the week, and he will credit you and link to whatever site or social media platform you'd like.

pledge $7 and receive a squeezeable stress-reducing tortoise.

it will be shipped to you in a small box. he is a friendly tortoise, and he is excited to be your friend. place him on the dashboard of your car and he will bring you luck.

how will your money help the sage?

the sage has a lot of expenses: his debt to the banker, his numerous unpaid taxes and fees to the village, his legally-required tithe to the temple of the Goddess.

he's not going to pay any of those, but he has expenses that he has to pay: the hosting for his website, the cost of printing lovely literature and making lovely games, and (of course) his yellow-curry sandwich budget, which grows larger every month.
$2.75 of $50 per month
all of the sage's current expenses related to producing his lovely kōans will be covered, guaranteeing that they remain available online, for free
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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