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You're here and you are incredible. This is you saying, "I believe in you" and I'm standing with you. This is a hot cup of unconditional support and I couldn't be more grateful.

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Welcome you magnificent human, you. Yes....I'm talking to you =-D. I'm so grateful to have you here on this journey. You're going to be a part of my high in the skies and low in the mud moments as I break through new barriers. Strap up for a wild ride, it's not going to get much more vulnerable and real than this!!!
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Bold and Brave

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We're growing closer, you and I. You've put your trust in me and I don't take it for granted. Keep calm and rock on to the soothing sound of a vocal memo, a thought memo, or a guided meditation I've specially curated to unlock your creative power. Just call me Marilyn because if your phone was a cake, I would jump right out of it and sing you a heartfelt Happy Birthday!!
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About Kobra Paige

Welcome you beautiful being, you!! It would be a privilege to have you on this journey with me.

Patreon has provided a unique opportunity for me to connect more directly with people (who resonate with what I do within music and what I stand for) and share my creative process, within a safe and encouraging community.

Safety and encouragement are two of the most important ingredients for an artist when they are creating new things.

Those elements allows us to be vulnerable and blossom.

I will be predominantly sharing the behind the scenes ‘making of the album’ through video updates (lots of videos), writings, feelings and processes around real time experiences, Zoom hangouts with myself and the people I’m involved with, and updates surrounding how I'm doing/developing the things I'm most scared of but that which my soul calls me toward. I also send surprise gifts when you least expect it and they always tie into what I’m creating.

Due to my goal to seek label support for this record, I won’t be able to share or release completed songs before the record is finished but I will be doing my very best to show Works in Progress and the vision and development of the music as I go along.

All of your generous contributions through memberships and spirit will go towards the creation of the new record. I'm currently in the studio creating my 7th record. It will be the first of many and most importantly, it will be the introductory expression of myself as only Kobra Paige and not my hard rock project Kobra and the Lotus.

I thought for the longest time I was a performance artist however the more I come into myself as a woman and an artist, I see it is not really what I do.

I'm here to serve as a connection to yourself and humanity through music, writing, and collaborations with other people's unique gifts.

Music is my main chosen medium and it's because it is the language of the world.
It does not exclude or isolate.
It heals. It connects. It supports us when we most need it.

I never shared the journey of building my band Kobra and the Lotus. The many times I fell back down the mountain I was trying to climb. This time I’d like to share it. We can remind each other to stick the course during those tough moments when we're eating humble pie.

We are going to do great things together. I have amazing things planned for the messages in the music and it is already sounding amazing.

Welcome to the community wild heart. You're incredible.

Thank you for helping me make this happen.

I'm so grateful to have you here with me.

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