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Hey. My name is Kodi Wolf and I write lesbian romance and erotica. I'm currently producing about 50,000 words of love and graphic sex per year for my readers to enjoy, though I hope to increase that amount over the next few years.

I offer a lot of my work for free on my website (www.kodiwolf.com), so you can get a feel for what I write and whether you like it or not before having to pay a one-time fee for a membership through my site to continue to read my stories.

If you already have a membership on my website, Patreon is where you can continue to support my writing by becoming one of my patrons and sending me a monthly donation. Just a heads up, if you don't have a membership through my site, becoming my patron here won't get you access to the member's only parts of my stories (sorry).

[Update: Actually, I realized your monthly payment can be used as a kind of layaway program, so you absolutely can use your monthly donation towards becoming a member of my website. For example, if you sign up for $1/mo, then every 10 months, you'll receive a new Story Membership to the story of your choice (or at $2/mo, it would be every 5 months, etc.). Once you've reached $50, I'll convert your Story Memberships into a Site Membership, so you can access everything (including A Bondage Primer, which isn't available as a stand-alone Story Membership).

And if you already have a membership, then you can request free Story/Site Memberships in return for your monthly pledges once you've reached those $10 or $50 marks.]

There are no tiers and no rewards (for now), so just enter whatever amount works for you. Anything will help, truly.

[Update: Okay, it's not exactly a reward, more like a perk, but I'm now offering my Patrons preview access to scenes and chapters that I haven't posted to my site yet (as long as they're already a Site Member or have pledged enough to become one). I'm doing this for multiple stories and there will definitely be spoilers.

After you become one of my Patrons, just let me know you're interested in the preview chapters and I'll send you a long-ass email detailing what's involved and how it works. Once you know what to expect, you can then ask to be added to the preview list and you'll receive links to all the preview scenes and chapters that are available the next time I post a new one.

Just a heads up, this is NOT a betareading list. This is just a way for me to give something back in return for all the amazing support I've received.]

It currently costs me about $900/year ($75/month) to have my stories online. At the bare minimum, this includes:

- $50/month to host my domain
- $1/month for my business checking account
- $230/year to have my taxes done professionally (and that's whether I make any money or not... FYI, I've taken a loss every year since I started this in 2000)
- $35/year to keep my domain name registered
- $15/year to keep that registration private

If you add up all of the above, it comes to $892/year, but I also have intermittent expenses like writing software, website software, books on writing, writing courses, computer equipment, etc. When a single writing course can cost upwards of $250, those intermittent expenses aren't exactly insignificant, which is why the real total is probably closer to $1,200/year or more.

By the way, if you decide to support me through Patreon, you should know that unless you see that 'per month' amount surpass $100, none of the money I receive is profit for me. $100 would just let me break even, so it wouldn't cost me anything to continue to make my stories available online. It would also allow me to focus solely on writing, rather than getting sidetracked with marketing and social media.

I currently spend zero time on marketing and zero time on social media.

So, if just 100 people sent me $1/month, after all the fees were taken out, it would come to about $77/month, which would cover those bare minimums, which would be such a load off my mind, you wouldn't believe.

(Math interlude:
- 8% to Patreon
- 5% + $0.10 to PayPal
= $0.77
...There's also a $0.25 transfer fee to get the money from Patreon to my account, but that's negligible at once a month. :) )

Of course, even if you're not a member of my site or you decide not to become one of my Patrons, you can still read plenty of my work for free (there's fanfic and a bunch of free chapters for my original stories). But when you're done reading all that free stuff, if you enjoyed what you read, please consider supporting my work with a monthly donation. You just have no idea how much that would mean to me.

Stress is one of the biggest killers of creativity and just like I get excited to write when I receive an email telling me how much someone enjoyed one of my stories, knowing those bills are being covered because people are enjoying what I write definitely frees my mind to get to work on the next scene for my heroines rather than worrying about how much money it's costing me every month just to post my stories online.

It would also allow me to let go of the stress I feel every time I think about trying to cover those expenses by marketing my work or running social media campaigns the way all the internet gurus suggest. Never mind that it costs even more money to do those things, it also takes time and energy, both of which I would rather put into my writing. I have fibromyalgia, which means my energy is already finite in the extreme, so I don't want to take any more energy away from my writing than I have to.

Bottom line, if you enjoy reading my stories, please help me continue doing what I love, so I can give you more of what you want... Women loving women... graphically. :)

$100 - reached! per month
I'll be able to cover the monthly expenses associated with making my stories available online, which will mean I can stop putting time into trying to learn how to market and just write. That should allow me to get more work done, so I can post more often, so you'll have more to read sooner.
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