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is creating vibrationally uplifting music to awaken our Divinity
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EVERY contribution counts! Those who commit at this level are very dear to my heart. As you give what you can each month KNOW that you are making a difference. You are showing not only  your belief in my work, but your OWN commitment to doing your part to help heal and transform our world.

In thanks, I offer you  a heartfelt blessing each and every month. You'll also be able to watch/listen to recordings of satsangs, where I will address questions and offer insights concerning the day to day challenges we all face.

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This level of support goes a long way and will greatly help to reach my goal of being able to fully commit my time and resources to my soul's purpose...uplifting and transforming the spirits of the listeners/participants to great heights! 

As a show of gratitude, YOU will receive a personal recording of the song of YOUR soul, to help move towards the embodiment of Divinity that is your True Self! This is a unique vibrational fingerprint that expresses through each being in a beautiful and POWERFUL way!

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Those individuals that support my work at this level are truly paving the way for the global awakening AND accelerating it to a high degree. My sincerest thanks go out to you!

One of my greatest passions is assisting apparent others in their journeys. I say "apparent" because in the depths of our hearts and our souls we are One! However, we each have a path which is unique, and it is my wish that you find your true path and/or succeed in reaching YOUR goal in this life.

As a way to support you in having, being, doing, and BECOMING everything you were meant for, those who pledge at this level will receive an individual OR group coaching call EACH MONTH.




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About Ko Hara Lan

Hi! I created this page as a way to connect with those who wish to support me in living my Soul's purpose...to spread awakening, healing, and the recognition of our own innate Divinity through the AWESOME power of music and sound! The main expression for this passion of mine is currently through musical ceremonies and workshops, as well as one-on-one healing sessions whereby I incorporate many of the healing modalities I've studied for the last 17 years. 

The first half of my life was a complete disaster of chaos, violence, addictions, and depression leading me to spend nearly a decade in incarceration. I am forever grateful for the grace which came into my life and began to transform it into the wonder and joyful expression which it is now!

I look forward to continuing this journey on a massive scale and I am fully appreciative of the support I receive from those who have been touched by my work. THANK YOU!

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