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is creating Web development tools, SDKs, and code recipes
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About Konstantin Tarkus

Thanks for checking out this page! I hope that you like the work I'm doing in OSS space and willing to help me to keep going. Please, check out the following projects I'm currently working on:

React Starter Kit (Serverless Edition) - a web app boilerplate based on Node.js, React, Relay, GraphQL stack that is designed to be hosted in a serverless environment - Google Cloud Functions / Cloud SQL.

React Starter Kit — a web app boilerplate, that helps developers and entrepreneurs to get started with building fast, robust, and modular web apps based on Node.js/Express, React.js, and GraphQL.

Babel Starter Kit — a project template for authoring and publishing JavaScript libraries and npm modules with ES2015 via Babel.

Easystatic — a static site generator for web developers that uses Markdow It for web pages, EJS and PostCSS for site layout, and Browsersync for cross-device testing...

Learning Isomorphic Web Application development — a book (work in progress) with a step-by-step tutorial how to build a universal web application from scratch based on Node.js, React, GraphQL stack.

All these and other projects I'm working on are open-source, released under either MIT or Apache 2.0 licenses and freely available on GitHub, Yeoman, Visual Studio Online Gallery, and NPM.

They are free, and always will be be. But need your support! I would highly appreciate any contribution that you can send my way. Thank you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below or message me!
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