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Discord Role and All My Love
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With this tier, you get to brag to all your friends that some random guy on the internet loves you. You also get a discord tier to prove it. 

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Adblock Guilt Absolvence
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If you decide to support this tier, you will get everything listed in the above tier as well as being able to use adblock without feeling bad about it. Your great and you should feel great.

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Monthly Q&A
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If you decide to support this tier, you get access to a monthly discord Q&A with me! I'll hang out in discord in our Q&A channel for at least an hour and we will talk about whatever you guys want! 

You also get a cooler discord title than the lower tiers so..........

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About Kojr55

     Who is Kojr55?
Kojr55 is a twenty year old college student named Bryce who plays twenty-seven instruments and a lot more video games. I've always loved entertaining people, whether it be on stage or in front of a screen, and I'm hoping to find a way to be able to do just that while continuing my classes.
Why have a patreon?
While i will always be trying my best to better the stream in any way i can, I'm making this patreon so people who want to support me have an avenue to expedite the process of my bettering. As I go I will be working to upgrade equipment, give back to yall, and generally better my quality of content. I will also attempt to add more tiers and fun stuff to this patreon as we grow as well!
Why should I support YOU?
You should support me if you want to directly be the cause of the stream getting better. You will directly be supporting me and you will have my unending love and affection. You will also get cool rewards based on the tiers you can see on this page!
While i will already be dedicating as much time as possible to bettering my content for you guys, your support will directly give me the opportunity to take time away from work to focus on content creation.
Even if you can't support me directly, I still heavily value your support. Everything helps whether it be supporting this page directly or just sharing the stream with your friends. You guys are the best.

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