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Kola Kariola Animal Welfare Association is a non-profit organization founded for the sole purpose of offering help to stray animals in Romania, sector of our society that faces a large deficit.
The lack of education and involvement of the authorities make Romania a country of indifference towards both animals and the environment.
Having faced the cruel reality of the street, of hundreds of animals in need, maltreated, hurt, abandoned, tortured, the association began, in April 2014, the construction of a shelter in Fundulea, that was home to about 400 dogs from the day it was open until June 2015. Those dogs were rescued from public shelters, from the streets, fields and forests, injured or maltreated, dogs that some people couldn't just walk by and not care. The association provided this service for our community by gathering these stray animals, offering them a roof over their heads, food, medical care and preparing them for adoption and reintegration within a family.
Our association's and its members activity became very obvious because of our direct involvement and became viral online and had a strong emotional impact because it showed the cruel reality of what stray animals have to face. This is how the number of requests for help we received, kept increasing. Therefore, in April 2015, we started building a new shelter, on a 10.000 square meters land in Belciugatele, a place with far better conditions, a place we built with love and for the love of these animals. A place where those dogs who will never find a home of their own, will be able to have the best possible living conditions we can provide and the love and attention of a human on a daily basis.
But this new shelter is not a home just for dogs. We also have cows, bulls, mules, horses, pigs and goats, all rescued from horrible circumstances, now living in peace. Their number keeps increasing so we will also build a new area for these larger animals.
This is the dream of two people with big hearts, Elena and Marius Chirca, who founded this association, a dream that is slowly but steadily becoming a reality.
But just two people can't do it all by themselves, so we need your help too, for:
-keeping up the building of our new shelter, new pens and the stables for the large animals
-providing food and medical care for the 500 dogs we have in our care at the moment, for bulls, cows, donkeys, horses and goats
-installing a central heating, which we need for the spaces where the 20 disabled dogs we care for live, the young puppies, medical facilities and the caretakers rooms
-spay&neuter campaigns. Spay&neuter means preventing the daily birth of thousands of unwanted animals. Animals that are born on the streets and struggle to survive on a daily basis, face unbelievable cruelty from people with no heart or end up being killed on public shelters.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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