Kolkata Monsoon Relief

is creating an effective way of helping the homeless families of India.




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About Kolkata Monsoon Relief

At Kolkata Monsoon Relief we believe all lives have equal value.
As Effective Altruists, we also believe that non-profits should be as effective and transparent as humanly possible. With these three core values in mind we are helping the homeless of Kolkata with a uniquely effective, transparent and cost effective survival kit containing:
- A tarp for protection from the rain.
- A family-sized mosquito net.
- A first aid kit.
- A book of elementary language and mathematics skills.

Each one of our relief kits cost only $7 / €5 .
This means that without changing your own quality of life whatsoever you can help protect a homeless family from: The Rain, Malaria, Dengue, Infections & Amputations and Illiteracy all in one go.

We believe that finding meaning in life is essential and would love to have you as part of our growing community.
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Single Family Heroes
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Double Family Heroes
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In this tier you're donating enough to help two families of pavement dwellers every single month. We recommend this tier for young people who can identify that 47 cents per day probably won't make a big dent in their amazing lives :)

Dollar Club
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$46 of $200 per month
If we reach $200 that would be enough to pay for all basic running costs such as website hosting, social media campaigns, bank costs and other small things. Would already be awesome!
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