is creating High Quality Adult Animations Packs for SLAL, 3D, Videos & SFM
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  • You access to my private discord server.
  • Previews, some gifs, short mp4.
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    access to videos on my site.
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  • Videos up to 1440p
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About Komotor

Upfront payment! When you arrive the first time your pledge is validated for the whole month and renewed normally the following month(s). 

Support if you still expect to see new animations.
Currently updates in Hiatus until December 2019.
Possible to get packs for new supporters.

My content is distributed on my private discord server.
You need a discord account linked to you patreon account to access to my server and get the roles to access my content.
I will not tolerate any complaint that I do not give my content.
It is available through my private discord and if you do not find it you can ask me, I am available every day for the patrons.

89% complete
Bellow 100% of this goal I could limit to one update every 6 months.
I can't dedicate many time on this.
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