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You are a part of the community willing to do something that is not required of you. You gave more money to us in one month than any amount of ad revenue from you would ever generate in that time. Thank you. 

You will receive exclusive deleted clips, unedited versions of highly liked published clips, and invites to any relevant community servers (as well as roles upon identification).

We will also try to do occasional Q&As and take Patron questions first.

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The shout-out tier! If you subscribe to this tier you will receive mention in one video I upload per month with your name thanking you for supporting with this monthly stipend!

It really goes a long way- so thank you.

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You will receive the monthly patron shout-out and also any other special offers that may come up; such as when I gave 60 seconds of ASMR of-choice to all those that pledged to this tier.

(There are no special offers current at this time. Though suggestions are welcome.)




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Heya! Welcome to the Konglomerat patreon page! We make youtube videos and after many requests, have decided to make this! There's two of us on the team, Resoula and Ralphred, and all money gained from this Patreon will go towards getting us better equipment, paying any fees associated with production, and also buying our (ok, maybe just Resoula's) pizza! It all goes back into the channel! Even the pizza!

We appreciate all the support, whether you pledge anything or not, and just wanted to say thank you so much for being here.
$74.34 of $305 per month
This will allow us to maintain a single editor that will work alongside us to produce 3 videos per week in addition to our own edited videos. Achieving this goal will result in more/higher quality videos more consistently and more streams from us!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts

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