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About Konrad Giallo

Everyone has at some point had an interest in being a rockstar or a movie star or a super model or something like that, but growing up I never really did. My parents actually had to force me to take up a hobby and music just happened to be what I picked cause I thought it would be cool and easy. I was in a lot of high school bands and went through a lot of teachers and they all helped me grow and become a better musician but I always felt like everyone only did it to be cool or to one day be a superstar. I only ever played by my own choice as a way to meditate and get out of my own head. I never wanted to make music my job and I thought anyone who did was ridiculous and idiotic. But in spring of 2018 music saved my life quite literally, and decided that it wanted to be my dream and here we are. So the goal of this is that hopefully I can spend a little less time making pizzas, and a little more time making music. I want to be able to give to someone else what music gave to me.
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