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A Big Thank You!!!! 

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 A Big Thank You!!!! 

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A Big Thank You!!!! 

You´ll get:

  • Hi-res. photo/s of the month
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Helloo, fellow Human Darklings!

I´m here to share what ever project I´m currently working on and connect with people. That I won´t live like a hermit. That´s why, at some point, I´d like to have some chats on Twitch or smth like that.
My name is Karin Ojaste, from the elvish forest Estonia. I looove to create, I breathe to create, I live to create. And I would love for you to be here with me, on this journey. To spend time together, take walks and have a little something to nibble on. 

   What You may see here?...                                                 
Drawings / Illustrations/ Paintings / Photography / Accessorises
Occasional propmaking / prop searching for photoshoots / Puppets / Animation

    My Style?                                                           
Well this is the hard part, allthought I have a style in photography, I don't have one in fine art. I suppose I'm more like a chamelion.  Hope You like chamelions. :) I think of them as little dragons with superpowers, so.....

 And what kind of Material girl  am I?                                      
Pens / Pencils / Oil paints / Water color / Digital art/ Clay / Wood / Glass / Resin 
Everything I can get my hands on.

   Why PATREON?                                                 
Well, this is a platform of support. And this is exactly what I need. I'm tired of doing thing for others and never able to do the things i love, i crave for. All the other day jobs take it away. If I could lose even one of them, I would have less worry how I'm going to survive and more willpower to take on new projects.  
So if You choose to donate, even a little, I'll be forever grateful for you.

Thank You, My Queens, Kings, Goblins and other creatures.

Lets hang out together
   MY SOCIAL MEDIA & SHOPS                            
INSTAGRAM / @karinojaste /  @koomaphotography  /  @koomadesign
FACEBOOK / Karin Ojaste /  KOOMA PhotographyKOOMA Design
DEVIANTART / DeathOfParadise
$0 of $200 per month
When I reach $200 per month, I'll start doing weekly updates instead of posting monthly. And more interaction with You
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