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The lowest recognized tier, but still recognized. They've braved the harshness of a donation and decided to become stronger and more in tune by backing regularly.
The Youngling is a regular who enjoys and wants to help make it even more enjoyable. They have access to the patreon feed.

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Having chosen to outgrow their financial fears, the knight know what he wants and he wants it badly. He enjoys the content a lot and has great faith.
The knight gets a personalized thank you and access to the patreon feed

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Masters are those who have given themselves wholly to the entertainment. They fear no economics and will stop at nothing to further enhance their experience. These brave souls are able and willing to give substantial amounts and are thank humbly for it.

Masters are given access to the patreon feed and the personalized thank you of the knight, but they are also given the opportunity to join in on the festivities when such a chance might arise.



About Koopaconroy

I am a Norwegian Twitch Livestreamer who only recently started out.
My content is mainly gaming, focusing mostly on First-Person Shooters and TableTop RolePlaying Games. 
I hope to create content that engages and entertains people while still being myself. You're either here to see me, or the game. Either or I hope you have a great time and thanks in advance for supporting me.

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