is creating synth covers, remixes, and original songs
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About Koralin

Heya! I’m Koralin. I’m a self-taught vocal synth (Vocaloid, UTAU, SynthV, and Sharpkey/DeepVocal) user that makes original songs, remixes, and covers. Since I’m still a full time student and I work a part-time job, it gets hard for me to find time to make covers and songs. By supporting me it helps to ensure that I’ll be able to keep creating content, so please consider donating! I try and post fairly often so there's always cool new content for my patrons. Thanks for stopping by!

If you don't like using Patreon, there's other ways of supporting me too!
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-Donating to my Ko-Fi page (https://ko-fi.com/koralin)

Cover picture drawn by the lovely XYZeeba <3

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