Creating BIS - online materials/shaders library for Blender 3D editor

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About Korchiy

BIS (Blender Interplanety Storage) - is the online library of materials/shaders for the 3D creation "Blender". Through the BIS add-on, materials from the library can be downloaded and used directly in Blender. BIS provides access to many great materials under the Creative Commons license.
BIS is free for use and open source.

BIS websitehttps://bis.interplanety.org/

BIS is available both for Blender 2.8 and for Blender 2.7

There are more than 500 public materials in the BIS library.

Some development plans:
  • fill the BIS with more content
  • the searching system by categories
  • storing textures on the BIS server
  • different previews for solid, fabric, fluid
  • multi images previews
  • make previews faster (with server power)
  • improve interface in Blender (custom node groups with BIS info, custom selection window with more info and capabilities)
  • upgrade meshes storage - improve meshes saving (add vertex groups, creased edges, etc)
  • upgrade meshes storage - enable saving more objects types (particles, armature, curves, etc)
  • add third-party render engines to the BIS (lux, octane)
  • add math/meshes node engines to the BIS (Animation nodes, Sverchok)
  • integration into other 3d-programs with node systems (unity, ae, substance)
  • selecting different license types for meshes and node groups

Patrons only posts:
I will try to post some of my experiments with procedural materials.
The sample of the closed patrons post: pixelating texture
6% complete
Make the BIS project stable (hosting, domain name and other fees).
More time to developing.
More priority to filling with content.
Transfer 5% to the Blender foundation.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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