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-Access to bonus content (other movie reviews/podcasts) 

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There are enough movie review podcasts out there, but not enough about Korean cinema (hosted by funny people at that). Korean Movie Review is a movie review podcast hosted by TV/Film writer and registered ninja, Joe Cabello, that focuses on reviewing brand spanking new Korean films as they are released in the United States.

Do you need to have seen the movie to enjoy our show? Nope!
Will the show make you want to watch these movies? Hell yes.

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Seeing the movies is expensive. Taking the time to record and edit is time consuming. Your money helps us do all that.
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About Joe
Joe Cabello is a guy known for always working on something.

And it’s true.

Whether professionally or personally, Joe always has a project up his sleeve whether it’s re-editing and re-dubbing an existing anime, drawing his own comic book, or even writing stand-up material for a 12-year-old girl (yes. That actually happened. Twice).

His professional experience includes several popular Youtube channels including ItsAlexClark, as well as two seasons as Head Writer for Five @ 305, a YA half-hour comedy on the Latino kids’ network, Primo TV.

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