Kota Wade is creating Music Videos

$1 /creation
Exclusive access to my Patron only feed, which may include unreleased photos/videos/music, behind the scenes, q&a's, etc. that won't be posted on any of my other social media platforms!

$3 /creation
All of the above PLUS free downloads of any music (covers AND originals) I release! 

$5 /creation
All the above PLUS early access to new videos via a private link, just for my Patrons! You get to see my new content FIRST!

$10 /creation
All the above PLUS your name will be in my video descriptions as my list of Patrons! Everyone will see my appreciation for your support!

$20 /creation
All the above PLUS I will follow you on Twitter AND Instagram! 

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$25 /creation
All the above PLUS your name on the end card of each video you support as a thank you to my Patrons! Anyone watching my videos will know you helped it come to life!

$50 /creation
All the above PLUS a livestream hangout once a month! The stream could include live performances, behind the scenes, Q&A's, etc.! You'll have to tune in to find out what's happening!

$100 /creation
All the above PLUS a 30 minute one-on-one chat session (Skype or Google Hangout) once a month. We can talk about makeup, music, life, advice, school, fashion, etc.! 

$200 /creation
All the above PLUS when I go on tour or play shows, you get 2 FREE tickets to as many shows as you can make it to! They'll be VIP tickets if possible! Plus, a meet and greet after the show where we...

$500 /creation
All of the above PLUS your name listed as an "Executive Producer" on all videos you support. You will also be involved in some of the creative process via email, where I'll update you on project de...