Knights of the Changing Table are creating a diaper-fetish fantasy RPG themed comic!


$1 /creation
Thank you for supporting us!


$5 /creation
Forsooth! This tier allows you to see Works in Progress, concept work, and allows you to vote in polls regarding future content!

Quest Giver

$10 /creation
What ho! This tier allows you access to the Random Monster Generator-- you will get to suggest  what monster our heroes should face next!

Guild Master

$20 /creation
Prithee, sir or madam! This is the TRAP LEVEL tier! You get to put forth your ideas on what devious, fetish-oriented traps the party encounters! PG rated, if you please.


$50 /creation
Zounds! This is our top tier. Choose this, and you will have YOUR FURSONA drawn into the comic!!