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«Nature First» Independent Journalist Association («Nature First» IJA) is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was created in 2008 as a civil society initiative by journalists and writers. In 2016 it was registered as a non-government organization.
Our goal is to popularize the ideas of biocentrism, animal rights, the synthesis of deep and social ecology.
We are against the private-ownership destruction of the environment, against the oppression of all the living things on Earth by the humanity, as well as against all the forms of social and racial discrimination.
«Nature First» IJA is spreading the information on violations and achievements in the field of environmental protection and animal life, and also supports public initiatives aimed at nature conservation and protection of historical monuments.
By protecting the animal rights, we protect our rights to the cruelty-free space.
Our main practical animal welfare project at the moment is Cat Town in Kyiv.
We’re not a shelter! We don’t accept any new animals!
Cat Town is located on the territory of the Kyiv Zoo. You can access us through the zoo gate near the building at 2 Zoologichna str. Cat Town is surrounded by a fence and is located in the household area of the zoo. The location is surrounded by two hangars and a parking lot.
We have experience in:
Environmental issues lobbying (protection of green zones, common historical areas etc).
Environmental politics investigation. Oleg Andros, co-founder of “Nature first”, has a PhD degree in political science.
Establishing a model of stray animals adoption centre based in Kyiv Zoo (since 2010).
Creation of art content, e.g. art objects using upcycling techniques, making videos and photos.
After the beginning of war in eastern Ukraine we had established connections with volunteers NGOs and initiatives which help ATO combatants, civil people that suffer from war (temporary displaced people etc), ATO veterans and civil people who need psychological treatment.
Oleg Andros, co-founder of “Nature first”, is ATO veteran (in 2015 he was drafted to the army as a press officer of 72 brigade).
Our team members are involved in music industry, e.g., Oleg Andros is a founder of AndrosLand music project; literature (Angelina Yar is a writer and poet, member of National Writers’ Union of Ukraine), painting (Klavdia Kunitska is a graphic designer).
The position of the «Nature First» IJA is formed by the Council of the organization.
The activity of the «Nature First» IJA has nothing to do with the political activities of any of the founders. The «Nature First» IJA does not support any of the political forces in Ukraine or abroad.

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