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About Jan Bujak


I'm a software developer who likes to tinker with Rust in his spare time.

I love working on free software, and would gladly do it full time, but alas, in real life there are bills to pay, and you can't (yet?) live off Github stars. A lot of people seemed to like my projects so I've decided to create this Patreon. Maybe I'll be able to eat some of those Github stars after all! Ha!

There are a lot of great people in the Rust community who probably deserve your support more than I do, but if you think that what I'm creating is worth anything and you'll decide to graciously support me — Thank You! ♡

My main projects

stdweb is a collections of bindings to the Web APIs (well, at least some of them!) for Rust. It allows you to compile your Rust code to WebAssembly or asm.js and talk with native JavaScript APIs, and even put JavaScript snippets in your code!

cargo-web is the tooling counterpart of the stdweb; it supports all of Rust's three Web backends, and can run your tests in a headless Web browser.

You can check out my NES emulator compiled to WebAssembly which is powered by all of this tech!
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I'll quit my job and work on my spare time projects full time! A pipe dream you say? Eh, maybe! It doesn't hurt to try though!
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