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About KoutetsuSteel

Hello, everyone! I'm KoutetsuSteel.  I create Japanese Let's Play gaming videos on Youtube! (English Section Down Below)










Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my Youtube channel!  If you feel compelled to go above and beyond, you can help to support me financially through Patreon! If you decide to do so, there are various rewards that come along with it!

The specifics of each tier are below:

$1: At the end of every video, I will have a Patreon Outro that will include your name as part of a list of all the wonderful Patrons! You also gain access to the community posts on this page that are only available to Patrons.

$5: You get the previous rewards, plus I will put your names (real name, in-game name, Patron name; your choice) inside a game that I'm playing. Many games that I have played and are currently playing allow for characters' names to be changed.

$10: You get all the previous rewards, plus you now have access to my Discord server! The server is private and only for Patrons. We can chat and hang out in there when I'm not busy!

$25: You get all the previous rewards, plus you'll now be able to voice chat with me monthly (at least once per month) using Discord!

$50: You get all the previous rewards, plus I will do a collab video with you once per month! This can either be a "radio" (voice only) or a multiplayer game collab video!

As stated above, if you choose a higher level/tier, you get the rewards of all the previous tiers as well!

I understand that there are people that cannot pledge any money, and that is perfectly fine. I only ask that you please continue to support me how you've done so up to this point! It's thanks to people like you that I've even made it this far!

By utilizing the money from this site and also the money that I can earn from Youtube, I want to fulfill my dream of being a Youtuber and living in Japan.  According to the visa websites, it is possible to get a visa (as an "entertainer") as long as certain financial requirements are met. 

Even the smallest amount is extremely helpful! Thank you all so much!
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